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The AI ∞ SpaceLaw Society at ALTI VU Amsterdam provides a platform for discussions, debates and critical analysis of topics concerning space law in the age of artificial intelligence. 

The importance of Space Law

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Space Law & Artificial Intelligence

Space law is an area of law driven by technology. The latest developments in Artificial Intelligence require a holistic educational approach. This is why ALTI VU Amsterdam is offering a unique international setting: You can study Space Law & Artificial Intelligence by enrolling in the following courses:

1. Law & Governance of Outer Space Technologies

2. ALTI Multidisciplinary AI Academy


Membership is open to international students and professionals passionate about space law and its intersection with artificial intelligence.

If you wish to apply send an e-mail at: and mention: your CV and a motivation letter stating what would be your added value to the Society, how would you contribute and what would you like to achieve as a member.

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We host webinars, round tables, talks, guest lectures, mentorship and coaching sessions for members interested in building a successful career in law. For future events and registration, please see here.  

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