• Ioana Bratu

Assigning Liability for Damages to Artificial Intelligent Systems Used for Autism Therapy

Ioana Bratu, Tina van der Linden, #VU_law

Under peer review with the pioneering interdisciplinary review of emerging technologies #DelphiJournal

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Similar to other disruptive changes of a status quo, the development of artificial intelligent (AI) systems raises debates, as such systems become more and more autonomous. The debates are related to several matters of concern, from ethical to legal concerns and from benefits to risks associated with the use of these systems.

Recent research initiatives show an increasing tendency in use of AI systems in healthcare, especially in the therapy of mental health disorders, such as the autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The introduction in society of these new systems raises debates, as such systems become more and more autonomous and start to challenge traditional legal concepts.

Despite several attempts of the European Union in the AI policy field, there is still a high degree of uncertainty regarding the future of AI regulations. Consequently, the absence of legislation triggers the following concern: in case of damages caused by the actions of an AI used in the ASD therapy, are traditional legal mechanisms regulating tort liability still satisfactory or are new regulations required? Therefore, who will be responsible for the damage caused by such AI systems?

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