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I am a researcher and lecturer at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Law Faculty. Here I am also appointed as a Board Member of Amsterdam Law & Technology Institute, a Supervisory Board Member of VU StartUp Hub and a Member of the Staff Council's Subcommittee of the Law Faculty.


Part of my academic activities, I am introducing space law as a new area of law offered by Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam in its educational curricula.

In 2022, I was also appointed at Université Paris Cité to introduce space law part of their international law master programme.

I have founded the AI ∞ Space Law Society, an internationally unique concept, aiming to promote the sustainable development of space (SDG 18) in the age of artificial intelligence, based on"DEI" core values: diversity, equality and inclusion.    

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I am part of the international legal expert group founded by Moon Village Association (GEGSLA) where I offer legal advice on sustainable space activities in the context of increased space commercialization and the future plans of state faring nations of travelling to the Moon for scientific and commercial purposes. 

I act as a mentor at United Nations and SGAC for promoting the study of space law as well for offering career advice to students and young graduates. 

I am regularly presenting my research in international conferences and colloquia. My publications are available on my SSRN profile.

I am an active member of the International Institute of Space Law and of the European Centre for Space Law.

Before joining academia, I acted as an attorney-at-law, for 10 years, representing international clients on behalf of major law firms (such as Allen&Overy and Wolf Theiss) and as a founder of my law firm.



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I had the luck of being supervised during my master thesis by Ioana Bratu. Not only did she encourage me to push myself academically, but she also provided me with a great example of professionalism and leadership. Through Ioana's support, I achieved academic results I am incredibly proud of and her perspective and knowledge stayed with me and helped me become a better professional.

Marianna Zapala Legal Associate Fraudio

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