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I am a business lawyer, academic and entrepreneur, currently specializing on the emerging synergy 'space law - artificial intelligence'.

Over the years, I have gathered experience in multiple facets of commercial transactions. While acting as an attorney-at-law part of international law firms and as the owner of my own law firm, I was involved in advising 150+ public procurement and concession procedures, representing either public authorities or private parties, due diligence investigations and M&A transactions.

In academia I hold various positions. In the Netherlands, at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Law Faculty, I act as the Space Law Lead and Co-Director of the research center Amsterdam Law & Technology Institute, after I have successfully introduced the study of space law, part of the university's curricula. In the past, I was also appointed as a Supervisory Board Member of VU StartUp Hub, helping to develop the university's entrepreneurial community.

In France, at Université Paris Cité, I am currently appointed as Affiliate and I teach the university's space law and telecommunications law course, part of their international law Master program.

My PhD, Charting the uncharted waters: non-contractual liabilities for damage caused by GNSS-enabled AI systems, was the first to address the synergy Space Law - Artificial Intelligence, laying the foundation for future research in the field. 

As an entrepreneur, I have founded the AI ∞ Space Law Society, an internationally unique concept, aiming to promote the sustainable development of space (SDG 18) in the age of artificial intelligence, considering the core values of diversity, equity and inclusion.    


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I had the luck of being supervised during my master thesis by Ioana Bratu. Not only did she encourage me to push myself academically, but she also provided me with a great example of professionalism and leadership. Through Ioana's support, I achieved academic results I am incredibly proud of and her perspective and knowledge stayed with me and helped me become a better professional.

Marianna Zapala Legal Associate Fraudio

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